2inch Elastic Snaffle Belts

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Brand New Elastic Riding Belts

Available in two sizes 1.5inches wide (3.9cm) and 2inches wide (5cm)
Both sizes fit our Mare Wear show leggings adults and kids sizes.  

Our 2inch Elastic Belts are available in a stunning range of colours all with hermatite (gun metal grey) snaffle buckle.
We also have our Gold Glitter with matching gold snaffle buckle as well as our gorgeous rose gold snaffle buckle in the white, black and pink belts.

  • One size-Adjustable from kids sizes 9-10 to size SA 40
  • High tensile Rubber & Polyester material,extremely flexible 
  • Lays Flat for Seamless Fit
  • Eliminates Waist Gaps & Buckle Bulge
  • Easy care & washable in your belt loops, 
  • Affordable Quality
  • One size fits Most-Fully Adjustable Surcingle
  • Trending Equestrian Style

Colours available:

Plain Black, Silver Glitter, White, Glitter Gold, Glitter Blue, Leopard Print and pink


BLACK is Out of Stock. Select another option.