Fleece Lined Waterproof Rain Sheet

R1,195.00 R956.00
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Our horse rugs are made of high quality ripstop material. They are 100% waterproof and have a 0g fill.
Double chest and belly straps as well as New Zealand (back leg straps) will keep your rug securely on your horse. Our Turnout Rainsheet have a cosy fleece lining which makes it the perfect rain sheet for unclipped horses or horses that do not need the warmth of a duvet.  They also have a good size tail flap and a wither pad for extra protection.

Our turnout rainsheets are available in the following sizes :

Standard (No neck piece) 115cm ; 125cm ; 135cm ; 145cm ; 155cm (Navy and Red)

Our rugs are measured from wither to the dock of the tail.

Our rain sheets do not have clips to attach a neck piece.

***Please note only Courier to your Door is available for rug shipping at R125.00***