Riding Leggings - Gold Rose

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Our Mare Ware Equestrian Riding Leggings are made from a technical compression, lycra material that is extremely comfortable for long hours in the saddle.  Due to the compression type material they are also extremely flattering at keeping "everything" in place.  Our signature Unicorn logo adds a little style and flair to our cellphone pockets and the silicone seat will keep you securely in your saddle while riding.

Our leggings offer a full silicone seat, two cellphone pockets and a thick, high waist band.

XS = SA 6-8 (30-32)

S = SA 8-10 (32-34)

M = SA 10-12 (34-36)

L = SA 12-14 (36-38)

XL = SA 14-16 (38-40)


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